Stephenie Overman

Stephenie Overman is a freelance writer who specializes in workplace and health issues. She has extensive experience covering the business of managing people. Overman has written for,, Virginia Business, the Los Angeles Business Journal, Washington Post Express, Daily Labor Report, and People Management magazine. She’s author of “Next-Generation Wellness at Work” (Praeger Publishing, an Imprint of ABC-CLIO).


  • What Are Red Flag Laws??>

    What Are Red Flag Laws?

    by Stephenie Overman

    More than a dozen states have statutes allowing judges to issue emergency protective orders to temporarily remove firearms from people at risk for harm to themselves or others. In some cases, family members can file the petition for an order to be issued.

  • Sample Family Firearm Agreement?>

    Sample Family Firearm Agreement

    by Stephenie Overman

    Some experts suggest developing a written agreement with an older adult for surrendering possession of his or her firearms should the person develop dementia or otherwise not be able to safely have access to guns. Here's a sample agreement.

  • Older Adults and Firearms?>

    Older Adults and Firearms

    by Stephenie Overman

    When an older relative’s failing physical or cognitive health begin to affect his or her driving skills, you know it’s time to have a heart-to-heart about giving up the car keys. But do you know to have a similar talk about giving up his or her guns?