Peter Jaret

Peter Jaret is the author of several health-related books, including "In Self-Defense: The Human Immune System" (Harcourt Brace), "Nurse: A World of Care" (Emory University Press), and "Impact: On the Frontlines of Public Health" (National Geographic). A frequent contributor to National Geographic, The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Health magazine, More, AARP Bulletin, and dozens of other periodicals, Jaret is the recipient of an American Medical Association award for journalism and two James Beard awards. He lives in Petaluma, California.


  • How to Exercise in the Car?>

    How to Exercise in the Car

    by Peter Jaret

    You can't work in a cardio routine behind the wheel, of course, but there's plenty you can do to tone muscles and ease stress while driving. Here are four exercises to try when you're stopped at a light or stuck in a traffic jam.

  • Alternative Therapies for Chronic Pain?>

    Alternative Therapies for Chronic Pain

    by Peter Jaret

    In the search for relief, many chronic pain sufferers turn to so-called alternative or complementary therapies. Some may be helpful. Others not so much. Here’s the latest evidence for some of the leading alternative therapies.