Pete Kelly is a freelance writer based in northern New Jersey. He has been a medical editor and writer for more than two decades, focusing on diabetes, medical education, and psychiatry. He also has worked as a daily newspaper reporter and editor. He is involved in civic causes and enjoys reading and running.


  • Anemia Signs and Symptoms?>

    Anemia Signs and Symptoms

    by Pete Kelly

    Mild anemia doesn’t usually cause signs and symptoms, but early tip-offs could be exhaustion, irritability, and weakness. Here are some additional symptoms that can occur as anemia progresses.

  • Anemia: Much More Than Iron-Poor Blood?>

    Anemia: Much More Than Iron-Poor Blood

    by Pete Kelly

    About 10 percent of Americans 65 and older have some form of anemia, often leading to fatigue, irritability, weakness, and other symptoms. Because anemia has a multitude of causes and forms, it’s critical that it be diagnosed and treated promptly.