David Wild is a freelance medical journalist based in Toronto, Canada. He covers health care topics ranging from gastrointestinal health to migraines. David enjoys canoeing, traveling, and playing piano.


  • Why We ‘Spring Forward’ (and ‘Fall Back’)?>

    Why We ‘Spring Forward’ (and ‘Fall Back’)

    by David Wild

    The idea of changing the local time so that peak periods of activity coincide with daylight is widely attributed to Benjamin Franklin, who first suggested it in 1784. But it wasn’t permanently adopted in the United States until 1966.

  • Is Daylight Saving Time Bad for Your Health??>

    Is Daylight Saving Time Bad for Your Health?

    by David Wild

    Losing an hour of sleep on the second Sunday in March is a simple annoyance for most, but some studies have linked serious health consequences to the shift to daylight saving time. Here are some examples of how springing forward might set your health back.