Brian Rinker

Brian Rinker is a journalist and health writer based in San Francisco. He earned a dual master’s degree in journalism and public health from the University of California, Berkeley. His journalism work has been featured in The Atlantic, STAT, Kaiser Health News, and California Healthline.


  • Talking Food with Alice Waters?>
    Expert Q&A

    Talking Food with Alice Waters

    by Brian Rinker

    Alice Waters—chef, author, food activist, and founder of award-winning Berkeley restaurant Chez Panisse—spoke with us about her ideal food system, the long-running Edible Schoolyard Project, and what foods are on her plate these days.

  • Is Soylent the Future of Nutrition??>

    Is Soylent the Future of Nutrition?

    by Brian Rinker

    You may have fantasized, or feared, a future in which you could get all the calories and nutrients needed to survive from a pill or drink. Is that future here? Proponents of the meal-in-a-bottle beverage called Soylent, devised by a 20-something-year-old tech entrepreneur, apparently think so. No, this is not the infamous