Ben Cosgrove

Ben Cosgrove has worked online as a writer and editor for almost 20 years, contributing to sites like Salon, Deadspin, the Huffington Post and, and has published two well-received anthologies, Covering the Bases (a collection of classic sportswriting) and Gluttony. He lives in Brooklyn.


  • 5 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas?>

    5 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

    by Ben Cosgrove

    For most of us, the holidays entail too much food and drink, too little sleep, and plenty of stress. So this year, why not consider giving your loved ones—or yourself—gifts that are actually healthy? Here are five ideas.

  • Top 10 Public Health Stories of 2014?>

    Top 10 Public Health Stories of 2014

    by Ben Cosgrove

    From encouraging (the increased legalization of marijuana for medical use) to alarming (the Ebola virus outbreak), here is our Top 10 list of the most significant public health-related stories of 2014.