Arlene Weintraub

Arlene Weintraub is a science journalist and author who has contributed to, The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Cure, Fierce Markets and other media outlets. She was previously a senior writer based out of the New York City headquarters of BusinessWeek, where she wrote hundreds of articles that explored the science and business of health. She is the author of Heal: The Vital Role of Dogs in the Search for Cancer Cures and Selling the Fountain of Youth.


  • An Eye on Ocular Shingles?>

    An Eye on Ocular Shingles

    by Arlene Weintraub

    In 10 to 20 percent of shingles cases, the disease develops in and around one eye. This form of shingles, called herpes zoster ophthalmicus, or ocular shingles, can threaten your eyesight if not treated promptly.