Anna Marrian

Anna Marrian is a health, fitness, and essay writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, SELF, and Glamour, among others. She is an avid runner and has completed a sprint triathlon and several 5 mile races. She lives in Brooklyn.


  • Flotation Tanks to Ease Stress?>

    Flotation Tanks to Ease Stress

    by Anna Marrian

    If floating in a warm, saltwater bath in silent darkness for an hour sounds like bliss, then you’re in luck. Sensory deprivation tanks, popular in the 1970s and 1980s, are making a comeback with a new name: Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy.

  • Which Type of Yoga Is for You??>

    Which Type of Yoga Is for You?

    by Anna Marrian

    Yoga is an ancient Hindu practice that has evolved in several accessible modern forms, from gentle to vigorous. Here is a guide to the main types of yoga you'll encounter today.

  • How to Start a Running Habit?>

    How to Start a Running Habit

    by Anna Marrian

    If you’ve never been a runner, getting started can seem overwhelming, especially if running for the bus leaves you exhausted. But it’s not difficult to begin a running habit; you just need a plan and a little patience.