• Triple Chocolate Pudding?>

    Triple Chocolate Pudding

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Have a sweet tooth? In this recipe, cocoa powder, German’s sweet chocolate and semisweet chocolate—underscored by brown sugar and cinnamon—yield a chocolate pudding that's rich and satisfying.

  • POM Not-So-Wonderful?>
    Be Well

    POM Not-So-Wonderful

    by John Swartzberg, M.D.

    For years, POM Wonderful, the leading marketer of pomegranate juices and extracts, has been making over-the-top health claims, and the Federal Trade Commission ultimately sued the company. POM launched a counter-offensive.

  • Vitamin E for Alzheimer’s??>

    Vitamin E for Alzheimer’s?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    It has long been hoped that vitamin E, because of its antioxidant ability, could help prevent or treat Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. But studies have been mixed.