July 30, 2015



  • Can You Be Fat and Fit?

    Can You Be Fat and Fit?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Everyone knows that it’s unhealthy to be over­weight or, especially, obese. But what if you are physically fit? Could fitness cancel out the health risks?

  • The Skinny on Compression Shorts

    The Skinny on Compression Shorts

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Marketers of compression shorts make a lot of claims about how the tight pants improve your workouts and protect you from injuries. But the actual benefits may be a lot more psychological than physical.

  • Barefoot Running Shoes
    Wellness Tip

    Barefoot Running Shoes

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Runners thinking of switching to “barefoot” running shoes should think twice about it. The shoes have no cushioning, so running in them can increase stress on bones in the feet and boost the risk of injury.