October 21, 2014



  • 7 Smart Stretching Tips

    7 Smart Stretching Tips

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Stretching improves flexibility, which is a key element of fitness. It can enhance physical performance and relieve muscle tension and stiffness. Our simple strategies will help you get the most out of your stretches.

  • How to Avoid Runner's Knee

    How to Avoid Runner's Knee

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Your knees are often put under a lot of stress, whether you’re running, playing basketball, dancing or cleaning your house. Simply using the stairs can put pressure on each knee equal to four times your body weight.

  • Do You Need More Iron?

    Do You Need More Iron?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Low iron intake over a long period can deplete iron stores— especially if your body is losing blood, as in menstruation. As iron balance worsens, full-blown iron-deficiency anemia can develop. Are you at risk for deficiency?