October 24, 2014



  • Row Your Way to Better Health

    Row Your Way to Better Health

    by Berkeley Wellness

    They were first popular in the 1980s, but rowing machines now are making a comeback, starting to nudge aside elliptical trainers in many health clubs and gyms. What makes them so good for you?

  • Caffeine and Exercise
    Ask the Experts

    Caffeine and Exercise

    by Berkeley Wellness

    It's known, of course, that caffeine improved alertness, wakefulness and performance on mental tasks. Can a cup of coffee also improve athletic performance? Keep you on track at the gym?

  • Small Activities Pay Off

    Small Activities Pay Off

    by Berkeley Wellness

    In recent years research has shown that short bouts of exercise, even 10 minutes long, may have a surprisingly beneficial effect. Here's the secret to reaping fitness rewards more easily.