June 25, 2016



  • Rusty Water
    Ask the Experts

    Rusty Water

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Got rust? This oxidized iron occurs naturally in some drinking water sources and can also come from old, corroded pipes. While it may look and taste unpleasant, the reddish-brown liquid is not a threat to your health.

  • Is Hot Tap Water Safe to Drink?
    Ask the Experts

    Is Hot Tap Water Safe to Drink?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Unless you’re certain your plumbing does not contain lead, never use hot tap water for cooking or drinking. Hot water is far more likely to leach lead from pipes, especially if it has been standing in the pipes for a while.

  • Arsenic in Rice: A Worry?

    Arsenic in Rice: A Worry?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Some research has found "worrisome levels" of arsenic in rice. That doesn't mean you need to avoid rice altogether, but it may be wise to take steps to reduce your exposure to to the substance.