September 04, 2015

vitamin D


  • Vitamin D Daily Values
    Wellness Tip

    Vitamin D Daily Values

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If you eat vitamin-D-fortified foods, be aware that the Daily Value listed on nutrition labels is out-of-date and too low. How much D should you be getting?

  • Vitamin D Research: A Round-Up

    Vitamin D Research: A Round-Up

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Vitamin D has certainly kept a lot of researchers busy, as evidenced by the multitude of studies published in recent years. Berkeley Wellness experts break down the latest findings on the vitamin for preventing fractures, heart disease, and more.

  • What's in Your Vitamin D Pill?
    Wellness Tip

    What's in Your Vitamin D Pill?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Over the years, third-party analyses have found that doses listed on supplement labels don't always match what's inside the bottles. Vitamin D is the latest supplement to be scrutinized this way.