March 03, 2015

vitamin D


  • Can Supplements Fight Colds?

    Can Supplements Fight Colds?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    There is no shortage of dietary supplements that promise to help you avoid catching colds and reduce the severity of those you cannot dodge. Do any of them stand up to scientific scrutiny?

  • Fat-Soluble Vitamins
    Ask the Experts

    Fat-Soluble Vitamins

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Is is necessary to have some fat in the meal for your body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D? The research is not clear and many variables are involved.

  • Weekly Vitamins
    Ask the Experts

    Weekly Vitamins

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Can some vitamin and mineral supplements be taken once a week instead of daily? That depends on the particular nutrient and your particular needs.