February 27, 2017

vitamin D


  • How Much Do Multivitamins Help?

    How Much Do Multivitamins Help?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Millions of Americans take multivitamin/mineral pills each day, but there's been remarkably little solid evidence to back up their purported benefits. Some recent research offers interesting insights into multis and wellbeing.

  • Vitamin D Supplements 101

    Vitamin D Supplements 101

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Vitamin D (typically D3) is found in multivitamin/mineral formulations but is also sold as a single supplement or combined with calcium. Until recently most supplements contained 400 IU, the Daily Value used on labeling. But doses have been increasing.

  • Can Supplements Fight Colds?

    Can Supplements Fight Colds?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    There is no shortage of dietary supplements that promise to help you avoid catching colds and reduce the severity of those you cannot dodge. Do any of them stand up to scientific scrutiny?