April 24, 2014



  • It's Hard to Beat Beet Juice

    It's Hard to Beat Beet Juice

    by Berkeley Wellness

    A glass of beet juice, anyone? Some small studies have discovered that an array of compounds in beet juice may lower blood pressure, enhance athletic performance and provide other health benefits as well.

  • Lettuce Nutrients
    Ask the Experts

    Lettuce Nutrients

    by Berkeley Wellness

    When it comes to nutrients in lettuce, Iceberg provides little in the way of vitamins, minerals and, fiber. Find out which lettuce varieties provide more nutrition bang for your buck.

  • Surprising Sources of Vitamin C

    Surprising Sources of Vitamin C

    by Berkeley Wellness

    To get your fill of vitamin C every day, think beyond boxed orange juice or a multivitamin. There’s a wide variety of great sources of vitamin C in the produce department and at the farmers’ market.