October 31, 2014



  • The New Nordic Diet

    The New Nordic Diet

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Move over Mediterranean diet. There’s another hot and healthy diet making its mark in the culinary world: the New Nordic Diet, with an emphasis on new.

  • Crazy for Kale? Join the Club!

    Crazy for Kale? Join the Club!

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Kale is everywhere—from upscale markets to corner delis, from hip restaurants to beach cafes. This crunchy crucifer serves up a bounty of important nutrients from beta carotene to vitamin K

  • Pursuing Purslane

    Pursuing Purslane

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Purslane, considered an invasive weed in many parts of the world, is a surprisingly nutritious plant that can make any vegetable salad tastier. The plant, more famous in America's early days, can also be eaten raw or uncooked.