August 01, 2014



  • Potassium Pills
    Ask the Experts

    Potassium Pills

    by Berkeley Wellness

    High-potassium foods, such as vegetables, fruit, beans and fish, contain many healthful nutrients. Are you are better off getting your potassium from those sources rather than supplements?

  • Sweet and Savory Smoothies

    Sweet and Savory Smoothies

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Do you like your smoothies sweet or savory? You can have them either way, with our mix and match options. Simply combine suggested ingredients together and blend. You can make dozens of different smoothies!

  • Restaurant Menu Manipulation

    Restaurant Menu Manipulation

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Restaurant menus are often set up to try to draw attention to items that eateries want to sell most—it's a field called menu psychology. Are you being influenced by these strategies?