August 23, 2014



  • Potassium Pills
    Ask the Experts

    Potassium Pills

    by Berkeley Wellness

    High-potassium foods, such as vegetables, fruit, beans and fish, contain many healthful nutrients. Are you are better off getting your potassium from those sources rather than supplements?

  • When Sprouts Are Risky

    When Sprouts Are Risky

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Many of us like to add crunchy sprouts to our salads and sandwiches. But they've been known to harbor E. coli and other bacteria. Take steps to avoid a "sproutbreak."

  • Vegetarianism & Heart Health

    Vegetarianism & Heart Health

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Vegetarians, on average, weigh less and have lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure than meat eaters. Studies have found that they’re also at lower risk for heart disease, diabetes, some cancers (notably colorectal cancer) and other conditions.