May 26, 2015



  • Shingles
    Ask the Experts


    by Berkeley Wellness

    It used to be assumed that a first outbreak boosted the immune system’s ability to ward off another attack, and that recurrences happened primarily in people with compromised immune systems. But is that always the case?

  • 5 Myths About Childhood Vaccines

    5 Myths About Childhood Vaccines

    by Amanda Z. Naprawa

    The United States has seen a resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases. So why do some parents choose not to vaccinate their children? We address five of the most common myths about childhood vaccines and give you the truth about these life-saving shots.

  • Vaccine Phobia
    Be Well

    Vaccine Phobia

    by John Swartzberg, M.D.

    There is absolutely no scientific support for the notion that vaccines cause autism. But all sorts of unfounded rumors about vaccines abound, especially on the Internet. Don't believe the hype.