July 28, 2016

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  • Rusty Water
    Ask the Experts

    Rusty Water

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Got rust? This oxidized iron occurs naturally in some drinking water sources and can also come from old, corroded pipes. While it may look and taste unpleasant, the reddish-brown liquid is not a threat to your health.

  • Do You Need a Polio Booster?
    Ask the Experts

    Do You Need a Polio Booster?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Though polio is no longer a threat in most parts of the world, it remains endemic in some countries. As a child, you almost certainly were vaccinated against the illness but immunity declines over time and the virus has even resurged in once polio-free areas. But do travelers have anything to fear?

  • Can Birth Defects from Zika Be Prevented?

    Can Birth Defects from Zika Be Prevented?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    A research letter published in Lancet: Infectious Diseases by Edward Blonz, PhD, proposes a reason why the Zika virus causes microcephaly in babies—and a possible way by which pregnant women in Zika-affected countries might avoid this outcome.