May 27, 2016

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  • Rusty Water
    Ask the Experts

    Rusty Water

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Got rust? This oxidized iron occurs naturally in some drinking water sources and can also come from old, corroded pipes. While it may look and taste unpleasant, the reddish-brown liquid is not a threat to your health.

  • Weed Behind the Wheel

    Weed Behind the Wheel

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Like alcohol, marijuana impairs driving performance. The question is how much. Advocacy groups claim that marijuana affects psychomotor skills only mildly and that this doesn’t seem to play a significant role in road accidents compared to alcohol.

  • Provent Device for Sleep Apnea
    Ask the Experts

    Provent Device for Sleep Apnea

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Is the Provent nasal device for sleep apnea—a condition characterized by the frequent stopping and starting of breathing during sleep—really effective? Is it a good option for you?