January 30, 2015



  • Kombucha
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    by Berkeley Wellness

    This fermented tea made headlines in the 1990s, when proponents claimed it detoxified the body, increased energy and cured everything from AIDS to cancer. Interest in the vinegary beverage has perked up again lately.

  • Can Hot Drinks Cool You Off?
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    Can Hot Drinks Cool You Off?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    It may sound counterintuitive, but drinking a cup of hot tea or other hot beverage may actually help you to stay cool on a hot day. Be aware, though, that these effects also depend on the humidity.

  • How to Buy Beverages

    How to Buy Beverages

    by Edward Blonz, M.S., Ph.d.

    What to drink used to be a simple enough question. Milk or water? Coffee or tea? Now, options seem endless. But you might not have considered them all or compared their pros and cons, especially since beverages are scattered all over the supermarket.