February 22, 2019
red pills spilling out of bottle
Wellness Tip

Eye Vitamins Don't Prevent AMD or Cataracts

by Berkeley Wellness  

Don’t take dietary supplements claiming to “support,” “protect,” or “promote” eye health in hopes of preventing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or cataracts. There’s no evidence that any supplement can do that, contrary to what the labels and ads may imply. The only substantiated claim is that the formula (antioxidants plus zinc) used in the Age-Related Eye Disease Study, known as AREDS—and the slightly different formula used in the follow-up study, AREDS2—can reduce progression of AMD in people who have an intermediate stage of the disease or a severe stage in one eye.

A study in the journal Ophthalmologyin 2014 looked at 11 eye supplements from the five top-selling brands that either duplicated one of the AREDS formulas or offered variations on them and found that none of the labels indicated that the benefits are limited to this group.