February 23, 2019
Believe Supplement Testimonials?
Wellness Tip

Believe Supplement Testimonials?

by Berkeley Wellness  

Be very skeptical of testimonials on websites and in ads for dietary supplements and other health-related products. Even if they are real comments from actual customers, such testimonials are unscientific “evidence” of benefits.

And according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC), companies are prohibited from posting or reprinting testimonials that make medical claims the companies would not be allowed to make directly. Medical claims in marketing are strictly regulated and must be supported by adequate clinical data. The agencies have been cracking down on testimonials that cross the line, but new ones keep popping up. It’s not enough for marketers to make vague disclaimers like “results may vary” in small print under testimonials.

If you spot a questionable ad or website, report it to the FTC.