October 31, 2014





  • Omega-3 Supplements in Question

    Omega-3 Supplements in Question

    by Berkeley Wellness

    About 10 percent of Americans take fish oil (omega-3) capsules, but negative findings from clinical trials and analyses during the past two years have called the cardiovascular benefits of fish oil supplements into question.

  • Folate: Nutritional Chameleon?

    Folate: Nutritional Chameleon?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Folic acid, the synthetic form of the B vitamin folate, has been linked to heart health and cancer prevention, among other possible benefits. But studies have also tied it to higher risks of cancer. Is it protective in some cases, but dangerous in others?

  • The Power of Garlic

    The Power of Garlic

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Garlic has been used medicinally since ancient times and supplements are marketed to lower cholesterol and fight cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease and the common cold.