November 21, 2018



  • Niacin and Cholesterol

    Niacin and Cholesterol

    by Berkeley Wellness

    In large doses, the vitamin niacin has long been thought to help maintain good cholesterol levels. But the disappointing results of a 2011 study tarnished its anti-cholesterol credentials.

  • Statins and Calorie Intake
    Wellness Tip

    Statins and Calorie Intake

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Statin use may give people a false sense of security and let them think that they can eat whatever they want. The data comes from a recent study on the eating habits of those who take statins versus those who don't.

  • Can You Count On Coenzyme Q10?

    Can You Count On Coenzyme Q10?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Many claims are made for the vitamin-like substance CoQ10, from preventing cancer to slowing aging. Nothing can do all that, but research continues to uncover a range of potential benefits.