December 22, 2014



  • Should You Brine Your Meat?
    Ask the Experts

    Should You Brine Your Meat?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Soaking chicken or pork in a brine of salt and sugar before cooking makes the meat moist and flavorful. The salt carries moisture into the muscle tissue of the meat, thus softening it. But it can impart a fair amount of sodium, so go easy with the salt shaker once it's done.

  • How to Buy Snack Foods

    How to Buy Snack Foods

    by Edward Blonz, M.S., Ph.d.

    Snack foods can run the gamut from sugary "empty" calories to worthwhile mini-meals. If you make smart choices at the grocery store, keep portions small and know when to stop, snacks can certainly have a place in a healthful diet.