July 20, 2018



  • 7 Baking Soda Surprises

    7 Baking Soda Surprises

    by Berkeley Wellness

    What is baking soda—which is best known for helping dough to rise—doing in your toothpaste, deodorant, antacid and refrigerator? Turns out, it comes in handy in a number of surprising ways.

  • Too Much Water?
    Ask the Experts

    Too Much Water?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Can you drink too much water? While rare, a problem called water intoxication can occur in endurance athletes, people working long hours in the heat, or even those dancing at all-night parties, often under the influence of illegal drugs.

  • The New Jerkies: Are They Healthier?

    The New Jerkies: Are They Healthier?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Dried-meat snacks, or "jerky," are going gourmet, with versions made from elk, buffalo, salmon, turkey, and ahi tuna, and without additives like MSG and nitrates. We looked at how these newfangled jerkies stack up nutritionally.