July 30, 2014

skin care


  • Actinic Keratosis: A Diet Link?

    Actinic Keratosis: A Diet Link?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Research on the relationship between what you eat and actinic keratoses is very limited, but one study linked a certain kind of food—and a drink—to a reduced risk of these skin lesions.

  • What About Vitamin D Lamps?

    What About Vitamin D Lamps?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Most sunlamps emit primarily UVA, the long-wavelength ultraviolet rays that penetrate deep into the skin and promote tanning. But vitamin D production is triggered by short-wavelength UVB. Some sunlamps produce higher amounts of UVB.

  • Acne and Carbs
    Wellness Tip

    Acne and Carbs

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Over the years, many foods have been blamed for breakouts, with little or no clinical research to support the link. But a recent study may change that.