July 31, 2015

skin care


  • Spider Veins
    Ask the Experts

    Spider Veins

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Spider veins, those flat or slightly raised purple, blue or red cord-like structures that are typically found on legs, ankles and feet as we age, are usually just a cosmetic issue. Want to get rid of yours? The experts weigh in.

  • Treat Apnea and Look Better?
    Wellness Tip

    Treat Apnea and Look Better?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Treating the condition known as sleep apnea is certainly important for your health. But there may be another reason to talk with your doctor about the sleep-related issue.

  • Quiz: What Is Your Winter IQ?

    Quiz: What Is Your Winter IQ?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Winter can be a wonderland, but plummeting temperatures can be hazardous to your health and force you to alter some of your routines. Do you know how to cope and stay healthy? Take our quiz to find out.