April 23, 2018

Self Care




  • People With Diabetes: Take That Statin
    Wellness Tip

    People With Diabetes: Take That Statin

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Only three out of five people with diabetes are taking a cholesterol-lowering statin drug, though national guidelines recommend that they should take the medication, regardless of their blood cholesterol levels.

  • Alternative Menstrual Products

    Alternative Menstrual Products

    by Jeanine Barone

    After decades of relying on disposable sanitary pads or tampons, many women are in search of alternative options—including some reusable ones—that are more economical and eco-friendly. Here’s a sampling of such products now on the market.

  • Breastfeeding as Birth Control?
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    Breastfeeding as Birth Control?

    by Gina Shaw

    It's true that breastfeeding your baby can prevent you from ovulating, and thus getting pregnant—but only for a short time, and only if you do it the right way.