April 22, 2018
Weight Loss Helps Hearing?
Wellness Tip

Weight Loss Helps Hearing?

by Berkeley Wellness  

Another reason to exercise and maintain a healthy weight: Both may reduce the risk of hearing loss, at least in women, according to a large, 20-year Harvard study of female nurses (ages 25 to 42 at the start), published in the American Journal of Medicine.

Women who were obese (body mass index over 30) or had a waist circumference greater than 35 inches were about 25 percent more likely to develop hearing loss over a 20-year period than thin women. Those who were most physically active had a 17 percent lower risk of hearing loss than the least active.

The researchers adjusted the data for age, smoking, alcohol intake, use of pain relievers and baseline diabetes and hypertension, all of which can impair hearing.