February 22, 2019
Walking Eases Knee Osteoarthritis
Wellness Tip

Walking Eases Knee Osteoarthritis

by Berkeley Wellness  

Concerned about knee osteoarthritis? Walking 6,000 steps a day may be enough to prevent a decline in daily functioning, according to a September 2014 study in Arthritis Care & Research, which included 1,800 people with or at risk for the condition but with no functional limitation at the start.

Compared to more sedentary participants, those who took at least 6,000 daily steps (as measured by an activity monitor over a seven-day period) were least likely to develop mobility issues two years later, such as slowed walking and problems getting up from a chair, using stairs, and doing household chores.

The authors recommend initially aiming for 3,000 steps a day (about 1.5 miles) and working up to 6,000 or more a day.

A goal of 10,000 steps a day is often recommended for the general population, but a lower target seems to be beneficial—and perhaps more realistic—for people with knee osteoarthritis.