February 22, 2019
Ischemic Strokes in Younger Folks
Wellness Tip

Ischemic Strokes in Younger Folks

by Berkeley Wellness  

About 15 percent of all ischemic strokes (the most common type) occur in people ages 18 to 44, according to a recent report by an expert panel for the American Academy of Neurology.

The incidence of stroke is still relatively low among young adults (about one percent per year among those ages 35 to 44). But it has been rising, largely because many of them have multiple risk factors for stroke—for instance, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and undesirable cholesterol levels.

Younger people are likely to delay calling 911 when stroke symptoms occur because they don’t know they are at risk. And once they arrive at the emergency room, the diagnosis is often delayed or missed because stroke is generally considered a disease of the elderly.