October 18, 2018
Even a Cigarette a Day Is Risky
Wellness Tip

Even a Cigarette a Day Is Risky

by Berkeley Wellness  

Light smoking, even one cigarette a day, can take a heavy toll on your health, a recent analysis in JAMA Internal Medicine has confirmed. Researchers correlated the smoking habits of 22,337 smokers to various health outcomes and compared the results to nonsmokers.

Those smoking up to 10 cigarettes a day had an 87 percent higher mortality rate than nonsmokers and a nearly 12-fold higher risk of lung cancer. Even those who smoked just one cigarette a day had a 64 percent higher mortality rate and 9-fold higher risk of lung cancer.

Heavier smokers faced far higher risks, of course. However much they had smoked, people who quit faced progressively lower risks the earlier they stopped.

“These findings provide further evidence that there is no safe level of cigarette smoking,” the study concluded. “All smokers should be targeted for smoking cessation, regardless of how few cigarettes they smoke per day.”

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