February 22, 2019
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Cancer Survival Rates Are Increasing

by Berkeley Wellness  

About two out of three Americans diagnosed with invasive cancer now live for at least five years—adding up to nearly 14 million cancer “survivors” today, according to a report from the CDC.

Among the most common cancers, five-year survival is highest for prostate (97 percent) and breast (88 percent), intermediate for colorectal (63 percent), and lowest for lung (18 percent). The highest five-year survival rate is in people under 45 (81 percent) and decreases with age. Still, half of people age 75 or older live at least five years after diagnosis.

Increasing survival rates can be attributed in large part to earlier diagnosis through screening, more effective treatment, and improved follow-up care. Basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma (two types of skin cancer) and in situ cancers (non-invasive, early-stage cancers) were not included in the data.

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