June 24, 2018
Vacuum Cleaners for Allergies
Ask the Experts

Vacuum Cleaners for Allergies

by Berkeley Wellness  

Q: What kind of vacuum cleaner is best for people with allergies?

A: If you have allergies—especially to animal dander, dust mites or pollen—vacuuming is a necessary evil, since most vacuums stir up as many allergens as they capture.

The best option is a vacuum with a HEPA filter, the type found in the best air purifiers. Otherwise, consider getting special microfiltration bags, or electrostatic filters that fit over the exhaust. One source is www.allergycontrol.com.

Make sure your vacuum cleaner doesn’t leak—for instance, through poorly fitting hoses and loose gasket seals. If your machine is old and leaky, replace it.

If your allergies are bad, wear an allergen-blocking mask while vacuuming. Or, better yet, get someone else to vacuum for you while you’re out of the house!