October 20, 2018
Got a Pain in Your Wallet?
Wellness Tip

Got a Pain in Your Wallet?

by Berkeley Wellness  

With rising taxes and our slowly recovering economy, many Americans are feeling pain in their all-too-thin wallets. But for some men, a fat wallet filled with credit cards, cash, and receipts can literally cause pain because of "wallet sciatica" (also called creditcarditis), a syndrome first identified in the 1970s. By pressing on the sciatic nerve, the wallet causes sharp pain in the buttock, which can radiate down the leg on that side. (Unfortunately, rear pants pockets are located at one of the nerve’s most vulnerable areas.)

Sitting on an overstuffed wallet can also raise one hip and throw your spine out of alignment, potentially leading to back pain and other discomfort.

There actually are ultra-thin wallets marketed to prevent this problem. But a cheaper option is to put your wallet in your front pocket (helps guard against theft, too) or simply unstuff it—a procedure we might refer to as awalletectomy.