April 27, 2015

Self Care




  • Stool Softeners
    Ask the Experts

    Stool Softeners

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Over-the-counter stool softeners work in the large intestine to make stool less hard and dry, so that bowel movements are easier and take place without straining. Are they safe to use long-term?

  • Good Cholesterol Not So Good?

    Good Cholesterol Not So Good?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    It's long been conventional wisdom that you should try to lower your "bad" cholesterol and raise your "good" cholesterol. But recent research suggests that doing the latter may not actually reduce your risk of heart disease.

  • Better Labeling on Sunscreen

    Better Labeling on Sunscreen

    by Berkeley Wellness

    You want to protect your skin from the sun's rays, and new sunscreen labeling guidelines should help. Know how to read the labeling so you can choose—and use—these products wisely.