August 04, 2015



  • Protein for Your Muscles

    Protein for Your Muscles

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Adequate protein intake is one way to help prevent sarcopenia, a substantial decline in muscle mass and strength that can accompany aging. But do you know how much protein your diet contains? Here's a quick guide to the main food sources of protein.

  • Protein and Weight Control

    Protein and Weight Control

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Protein may play a helpful role in weight control, according to many recent studies. One review concluded that consuming extra protein tends to make people feel fuller and less hungry, compared with lower-protein diets.

  • Amaranth: A Healthy Ancient Grain

    Amaranth: A Healthy Ancient Grain

    by Berkeley Wellness

    While amaranth is often touted as the miracle grain of the Aztecs, it is actually a tiny seed, about the size of a poppy seed. Nutty, mild, and sweet, amaranth is packed with nutrients and a surprisingly good source of protein.