October 17, 2017




  • Calcium in the Spotlight

    Calcium in the Spotlight

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Millions of people take calcium supplements, hoping to keep their aging bones strong and prevent osteoporosis-related fractures. Recent news may have made many people wonder whether they should stop.

  • Blood Pressure: The Top Number
    Ask the Experts

    Blood Pressure: The Top Number

    by Berkeley Wellness

    For years doctors were concerned mainly with high diastolic pressure (the bottom number in a blood pressure reading). But you should also pay attention to a high systolic blood pressure (the top number).

  • Best Nutrition Deals
    Wellness Tip

    Best Nutrition Deals

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Dark green vegetables, such as broccoli, may score especially high in nutrient density, other kinds of food items give you the best nutritional bang for your buck.