December 18, 2014



  • Cleaning Up Household Mold

    Cleaning Up Household Mold

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Many homeowners have had the unfortunate experience of peeling back wallpaper, removing shingles or cleaning out the basement and discovering clumps of mold. Household mold can be a big problem, but it’s usually not as dire as many people fear.

  • Is Your Couch Making You Sick?

    Is Your Couch Making You Sick?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Flame-retardant chemicals are used in many everyday objects, such as the foam of upholstered furniture and children's car seats. In recent years, there's been concern that the chemicals have adverse health effects.

  • Iodine
    Ask the Experts


    by Berkeley Wellness

    Should you take potassium iodine pills to protect yourself from the radiation released by the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan?