October 23, 2014



  • Iodine
    Ask the Experts


    by Berkeley Wellness

    Should you take potassium iodine pills to protect yourself from the radiation released by the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan?

  • Mercury in Dental Amalgam
    Be Well

    Mercury in Dental Amalgam

    by John Swartzberg, M.D.

    Dental amalgam is a mixture of copper, silver, tin and zinc with mercury added for strength and durability. This last component never ceases to raise concerns about consumer health.

  • Climate Change and Health
    Be Well

    Climate Change and Health

    by John Swartzberg, M.D.

    Increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere—what we used to call global warming but now call climate change—are likely contributing to the extreme weather of recent years. And this affects our health.