August 30, 2015



  • Pesticides in Produce

    Pesticides in Produce

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Though the risks of minuscule amounts of pesticides from food are unclear, you may wish to minimize exposure, especially in children, who are more vulnerable to pesticide toxicity. The nonprofit Environmental Working Group ranks fruits and vegetables by their pesticide levels. Here is its latest list.

  • Disposing of Medicine
    Wellness Tip

    Disposing of Medicine

    by Berkeley Wellness

    What should you do—and not do—with your unwanted medications? According to the Food and Drug Administration, that depends which medications you are tossing away.

  • How to Protect Your Voice

    How to Protect Your Voice

    by Berkeley Wellness

    You raise your voice when speaking on the phone, in stadiums and other noisy places—and you end up straining your voice. So follow these tips to protect your ability to speak.