November 27, 2014



  • The Lowdown on Bone Spurs

    The Lowdown on Bone Spurs

    by Berkeley Wellness

    What do a dancer, a tennis player, a woman who wears high heels and a 60­-year-­old healthy per­son have in common? All are at increased risk for the painful condition known as bone spurs.

  • Back Seat Belts
    Wellness Tip

    Back Seat Belts

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Most of us are used to buckling our seat belts when we sit in the front of seat of an automobile. But how important is it to use seat belts if you're a back seat passenger?

  • Diagnosing Back Pain

    Diagnosing Back Pain

    by Berkeley Wellness

    When we say “back pain,” what we’re really talking about—unless otherwise specified—is low back pain. The two main types are acute and chronic. Getting the right diagnosis can be trickier than you'd imagine.