April 25, 2015



  • Teeth Grinding
    Ask the Experts

    Teeth Grinding

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If you grind your teeth at night, can you use an over-the-counter mouth guard? Or, is a pricey customized guard a must?

  • Holding in Intestinal Gas

    Holding in Intestinal Gas

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Is it okay to hold in intestinal gas, or should you simply let it go? Can restraining yourself have negative effects? The doctors weigh in on this all-too-common concern.

  • Back Pain: Spinal Injections

    Back Pain: Spinal Injections

    by Berkeley Wellness

    When pain medications and other nonsurgical treatment strategies yield less-than-satisfying results for conditions such as sciatic pain, another option to consider is spinal injection therapy.