April 26, 2015



  • Weighing in on Bathroom Scales

    Weighing in on Bathroom Scales

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If you want to monitor your weight, any basic bathroom scale—dial or digital—that gives consistent readings is sufficient. The more fancy extras and the more stylish the look, the higher the price—but not necessarily the better the performance.

  • Beware of
    Wellness Tip

    Beware of "Up To" Claims

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Manufacturer of drugs, supplements and other health-related products may promise to reduce pain or help you shed pounds "up to" a certain amount. Can you believe these claims?

  • Chromium Supplements

    Chromium Supplements

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Disappointing studies, lingering concerns—all part of the doubts surrounding chromium supplements and their purported ability to build muscle and treat diabetes.