November 01, 2014



  • The New Nordic Diet

    The New Nordic Diet

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Move over Mediterranean diet. There’s another hot and healthy diet making its mark in the culinary world: the New Nordic Diet, with an emphasis on new.

  • Soft Drinks & Your Health

    Soft Drinks & Your Health

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Americans drink 59 gallons of soda a year per person, on average, including diet soda. That’s about 21 ounces a day. Here, we answer essential questions about soft drink consumption and health.

  • Weight Loss Products #1 in Fraud

    Weight Loss Products #1 in Fraud

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Weight-loss products are the leading type of consumer fraud in the U.S., according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Millions of Americans fall for these scams each year. Don't be among them.