November 26, 2014



  • Why ‘Fun’ Workouts Are Better

    Why ‘Fun’ Workouts Are Better

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Some people eat a lot after working out—and thus don’t lose weight— because they use food as a reward for their exertion. Framing the workout as “fun,” however, may negate this effect.

  • "Scent" Your Way Thin?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If you want to shed pounds without counting calories or forgoing your favorite treats, some new products on the market are offering an aroma-based method for weight loss. Does this take the cake?

  • Can Gum Make You Thinner?

    Can Gum Make You Thinner?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Most people chew gum for pleasure or out of habit; others to freshen breath or stop a food or cigarette craving. But does gum provide any real benefits? Can it help dieters shed pounds?