October 24, 2014



  • Bitter Orange, Sour News

    Bitter Orange, Sour News

    by Berkeley Wellness

    We’re all familiar with sweet oranges, the kind you peel and eat. But there are also bitter oranges (Citrus aurantium), including Seville, Bergamot and other varieties. Too sour to eat on their own, these large, deeply colored oranges are typically used in marmalades, chutneys and candied fruits (their high pectin content

  • Good Diet Drug Choices?
    Ask the Experts

    Good Diet Drug Choices?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Your options are quite limited when it comes to choosing government-approved medications to help speed the weight loss process along. All the contenders come with potentially harmful side-effects.

  • Do Fat Letters Fight Obesity?
    Be Well

    Do Fat Letters Fight Obesity?

    by Keng Lam

    There's been a lot of controversy about letters sent to Massachusetts public school parents about their children's weight. Do these so-called fat letters go too far, or not far enough?