November 24, 2014



  • Can Fitness Shoes Tone Your Body?

    Can Fitness Shoes Tone Your Body?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    You've probably seen the ads about how toning shoes can give you more shapely legs and a "better butt." But some manufacturers don't stop there, suggesting their products also ease stress on joints and improve circulation. Truth or fiction?

  • Put Some Fizz in Your Game?

    Put Some Fizz in Your Game?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Some athletes consume sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda) hoping to neutralize the lactic acid that builds up in blood and muscles during intense exercise and thus causes fatigue and impairs performance. Does it boost athletic performance?

  • Is Exercise Cancer-Protective?
    Ask the Experts

    Is Exercise Cancer-Protective?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Over the years, many studies have found a link between physical activity and reduced cancer risk. Exercise's protective effect seems to be strongest for certain cancers.