August 27, 2015



  • Row Your Way to Better Health

    Row Your Way to Better Health

    by Berkeley Wellness

    They were first popular in the 1980s, but rowing machines now are making a comeback, starting to nudge aside elliptical trainers in many health clubs and gyms. What makes them so good for you?

  • Kegel Exercise Know-How

    Kegel Exercise Know-How

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Kegel exercises were developed in the 1940s to help women regain bladder control after childbirth and menopause. But they may be useful for more than that—and can help some men, too.

  • Bromelain For Pain?
    Ask the Experts

    Bromelain For Pain?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Bromelain, which is derived from pineapples, is sometimes called a "miracle" alternative therapy for ailments like arthritis and tendinitis.