May 27, 2015



  • Be Wary of Liver Supplements

    Be Wary of Liver Supplements

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Your liver works hard. It helps digest food, regulates cholesterol and fat metabolism and cleans the blood of impurities. It's no wonder dozens of dietary supplements claim to repair and regenerate this vital organ.

  • PM Pain Relievers
    Ask the Experts

    PM Pain Relievers

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Do you take a nighttime pain reliever such as Tylenol PM to help you sleep at night? Find out whether you may face any health risks by using these medications on a daily basis.

  • Is Your Liver Getting Fat?

    Is Your Liver Getting Fat?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    There's been an alarming increase in the incidence of what's known as fatty liver disease. But how dangerous is it? And what can you do to reduce your risk of developing this condition?