April 29, 2017




  • Too Much Water?
    Ask the Experts

    Too Much Water?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Can you drink too much water? While rare, a problem called water intoxication can occur in endurance athletes, people working long hours in the heat, or even those dancing at all-night parties, often under the influence of illegal drugs.

  • Nervous About Coffee's Effects?

    Nervous About Coffee's Effects?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    It is easy to see why some people worry about coffee. A stimulant, it can cause jitters and insomnia, stomach upset and heartburn. It can also boost heart rate temporarily, which is why people with certain heart problems may be advised to avoid it.

  • Cortitrol For Mood and Mind?
    Ask the Experts

    Cortitrol For Mood and Mind?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Some people are using a supplement formulation called Cortitrol Stress Control Formula, which is touted to enhance feelings of well-being, boost visor, help with weight control and improve mental concentration. Does it work?