March 29, 2015



  • Be Kind to Your Kidneys

    Be Kind to Your Kidneys

    by Berkeley Wellness

    It’s estimated that 26 million Americans—about one in nine adults—have chronic kidney disease (CKD), and most don’t know it. And thanks largely to the rise in hypertension and diabetes, increasingly things are going wrong with the kidneys of Americans.

  • High Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

    High Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Treating multiple risk factors for heart disease is much more beneficial than treating any one risk factor alone. For people who have two key risk factors, treatment and control of both can reduce the risk of coronary artery disease by 50 percent or more.

  • How Blood Pressure Is Measured

    How Blood Pressure Is Measured

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Knowing your blood pressure numbers is important. Blood pressure is measured with a device called a sphygmomanometer, which typically consists of a bulb, inflatable compression cuff, and gauge or digital readout.