October 07, 2015



  • Men and Their Aging Bones

    Men and Their Aging Bones

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Too often, osteoporosis, characterized by thinning bones and an increase risk of fractures, is seen as a woman's disease. But it affects millions of men, too. Here are guidelines men should follow as they age.

  • Smartphone Use at Night

    Smartphone Use at Night

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Want to be more productive in the office? Resist the urge to use your smartphone for work late at night. Staying up late at night on your phone or laptop may disrupt your sleep patterns and make you less productive.

  • Cool News about Hot Flashes

    Cool News about Hot Flashes

    by Berkeley Wellness

    There may be a silver lining for women who suffer from menopausal hot flashes—two silver linings, in fact. See what these annoying flushes might mean about your risk of breast cancer and your cardiovascular system.