May 27, 2015



  • Sex Boosters in a Bottle?

    Sex Boosters in a Bottle?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Many men yearn for a better sex life, at least if the growing number of ads and websites promoting performance-boosting supplements is any measure. Are you getting what you expect in these pills?

  • Compounding Problems

    Compounding Problems

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Steroid injections made headlines in 2012 when hundreds of people developed fungal meningitis and spinal infections from a contaminated batch and some died. The illnesses were traced back to a compounding pharmacy.

  • Men and Their Aging Bones

    Men and Their Aging Bones

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Too often, osteoporosis, characterized by thinning bones and an increase risk of fractures, is seen as a woman's disease. But it affects millions of men, too. Here are guidelines men should follow as they age.