August 02, 2015



  • What's a Biological Clock?

    What's a Biological Clock?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Your biological clock controls your circadian rhythms—your blood pressure, body temperature, and sleep-wake cycle—and is aided in this mission by the hormone melatonin.

  • A Hard Look at BPA

    A Hard Look at BPA

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Although bisphenol A (BPA) is banned in baby products and companies have voluntarily removed it from many other items, the chemical hasn't gone away—and our overall exposure to it likely hasn't gone down. Here's what you need to know about BPA.

  • Bladder Cancer in Men

    Bladder Cancer in Men

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Bladder cancer is the fourth most common type of cancer among men, occurring three times more in men than in woman and two to three times more in smokers.