December 22, 2014



  • Steer Clear of the HCG Diet

    Steer Clear of the HCG Diet

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The HGC diet is a combination of daily injections or liquid supplements of a hormone along with severe calorie restriction. It's been called a miracle by some—and a scam by others.

  • Iron: Blood Ferritin Basics

    Iron: Blood Ferritin Basics

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If you are a premenopausal woman with unexplained fatigue, ask your doctor about having your blood ferritin level checked. If it's 50 or less, iron supplements may help, even if you don't have anemia.

  • Antibiotics and Hormones in Food

    Antibiotics and Hormones in Food

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Antibiotics are widely used in conventional livestock production to increase growth and prevent illness in cattle, while growth hormones are used on some industrial dairy farms to increase milk production. Neither can be used in organic products.