February 10, 2016



  • The Lowdown on Low Testosterone

    The Lowdown on Low Testosterone

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Is there such a thing as male menopause? How much should men worry about low testosterone? And should older men consider the testosterone supplements you see on TV? Get the answers to all these questions and more.

  • Compounding Problems

    Compounding Problems

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Steroid injections made headlines in 2012 when hundreds of people developed fungal meningitis and spinal infections from a contaminated batch and some died. The illnesses were traced back to a compounding pharmacy.

  • Sex Boosters in a Bottle?

    Sex Boosters in a Bottle?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Many men yearn for a better sex life, at least if the growing number of ads and websites promoting performance-boosting supplements is any measure. Are you getting what you expect in these pills?