October 31, 2014

heart health


  • Omega-3 Supplements in Question

    Omega-3 Supplements in Question

    by Berkeley Wellness

    About 10 percent of Americans take fish oil (omega-3) capsules, but negative findings from clinical trials and analyses during the past two years have called the cardiovascular benefits of fish oil supplements into question.

  • ED Self-Help

    ED Self-Help

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If erectile problems occur only occasionally, consider taking some smart steps on your own to help address—and sometimes even solve— the problem.

  • Bitter Orange, Sour News

    Bitter Orange, Sour News

    by Berkeley Wellness

    We’re all familiar with sweet oranges, the kind you peel and eat. But there are also bitter oranges (Citrus aurantium), including Seville, Bergamot and other varieties. Too sour to eat on their own, these large, deeply colored oranges are typically used in marmalades, chutneys and candied fruits (their high pectin content