December 21, 2014

heart health


  • Jump (Rope) for Joy!

    Jump (Rope) for Joy!

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Jumping rope is not just child’s play. Many athletes, including boxers, train with a jump rope, and it can be a great way for casual exercisers to stay in shape. All it requires is a good pair of shoes and a simple, inexpensive piece of equipment.

  • Fatty Fish for Your Heart
    Wellness Tip

    Fatty Fish for Your Heart

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Can fatty fish benefit your heart? Yes, according to recent research—unless that fish has been contaminated by high levels of a certain pollutant.

  • Are Eggs Healthier Than Thought?

    Are Eggs Healthier Than Thought?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    For some 50 years, health authorities have widely cautioned Americans that eggs, with their high cholesterol content, could raise blood cholesterol. More recent research has added some interesting evidence to the conversation.