August 31, 2015

heart health


  • Cholesterol: Size Matters

    Cholesterol: Size Matters

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Not too long ago, we knew only our total cholesterol number—under 200 was good, over 240 was high. Now we keep track of LDL (the “bad” type), which promotes coronary artery disease, and HDL (the “good” type), which helps remove cholesterol from our system.

  • Tea & Blood Pressure
    Wellness Tip

    Tea & Blood Pressure

    by Berkeley Wellness

    According to a new study, drinking black tea may help reduce nighttime fluctuations in blood pressure. There's increasing evidence that blood pressure variability is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

  • Selenium Supplements

    Selenium Supplements

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Selenium is a trace mineral that's plentiful in whole grains and nuts. Thought to prevent cancers and other chronic diseases, how much of it do we really need?