October 21, 2014

heart disease


  • Sweet News About Chocolate

    Sweet News About Chocolate

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Several recent large-scale research reviews have provided the best evidence yet that chocolate is good for your heart. But before you visit the candy store, find out what science says about the upsides—and downsides—of this sweet treat. there are some caveats.

  • Can Calcium Pills Hurt Your Heart?

    Can Calcium Pills Hurt Your Heart?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Even doctors who are generally unenthusiastic about supplements are likely to advise many patients to take calcium to help protect their bones. But an analysis of 11 studies concluded that calcium supplements can increase the risk of heart attacks.

  • Blood Pressure Medicine
    Ask the Experts

    Blood Pressure Medicine

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Studies suggest that lowering high blood pressure by even 5 or 6 points substantially reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease. But will normalizing your blood pressure levels bring you back to low risk?