April 18, 2014

heart disease


  • Chocolate on the Brain

    Chocolate on the Brain

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The news keeps getting sweeter about dark chocolate and other cocoa products. Not only have several studies suggested that it can help lower blood pressure, but new research has found that cocoa can also aid the brain.

  • 12 Tips for Better Cycling

    12 Tips for Better Cycling

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Bicycling is one of the best forms of exercise. It gives the heart and circulatory system a workout and can burn more than 500 calories per hour. Here are 12 ways to improve your cycling performance, safety and comfort.

  • Disheartening Dental News
    Be Well

    Disheartening Dental News

    by John Swartzberg, M.D.

    Studies have shown that people with gum disease are at increased risk for heart disease, leading some researchers, dentists and doctors to suggest that treating gum disease and good oral hygiene can help protect the heart. True?