August 28, 2014

heart disease


  • Stool Softeners
    Ask the Experts

    Stool Softeners

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Over-the-counter stool softeners work in the large intestine to make stool less hard and dry, so that bowel movements are easier and take place without straining. Are they safe to use long-term?

  • Beware of Splurge Meals

    Beware of Splurge Meals

    by Berkeley Wellness

    You usually watch your diet, but today you’re at a wedding and the luscious array of food and drink is impossible to resist. Surely, one single night of caloric overindulgence can't have a negative effect on your health...can it?

  • Statins and Muscle Pain

    Statins and Muscle Pain

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Deaths from coronary artery disease have plummeted in recent decades, and cholesterol-lowering statin drugs have played a major role. So why do many people fear statins and refuse to take them—or start and then stop taking them?