March 30, 2015

heart disease


  • Take the Stairs!

    Take the Stairs!

    by Berkeley Wellness

    You don't have to join a gym or even change into workout clothes to have access to a very fine piece of exercise equipment. It's called the stairs and you can use stairs to make you fitter and stronger.

  • Speed Up Your Walking

    Speed Up Your Walking

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Want to get more out of your walking routine? You might try to pick up the pace a bit. Studies show that fast walkers can reap more cardiovascular and calorie-burning benefits.

  • Baldness & Your Heart
    Wellness Tip

    Baldness & Your Heart

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Is there a link between hair loss in men and coronary artery disease? Recent research suggests that there may be a connection, but only in certain cases.