September 03, 2014

heart disease


  • Stool Softeners
    Ask the Experts

    Stool Softeners

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Over-the-counter stool softeners work in the large intestine to make stool less hard and dry, so that bowel movements are easier and take place without straining. Are they safe to use long-term?

  • Should You Do Interval Training?

    Should You Do Interval Training?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    We’re all looking for a fitness routine that provides the most benefits with the least effort in the shortest time. There's no magic regimen, but interval training is a great way to get more out of cardiovascular workouts.

  • Baldness & Your Heart
    Wellness Tip

    Baldness & Your Heart

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Is there a link between hair loss in men and coronary artery disease? Recent research suggests that there may be a connection, but only in certain cases.