February 01, 2015

heart disease


  • Cod Liver Oil Concerns

    Cod Liver Oil Concerns

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Once used mainly as a vitamin supplement for children, cod liver oil is more likely now to be promoted for older people suffering from severe osteoarthritis. But too much can be hazardous.

  • Can You Be Fat and Fit?

    Can You Be Fat and Fit?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Everyone knows that it’s unhealthy to be over­weight or, especially, obese. But what if you are physically fit? Could fitness cancel out the health risks?

  • Your Money or Your Health

    Your Money or Your Health

    by Berkeley Wellness

    What are the main causes of illness and premature death? One often-overlooked cause is lack of money. Being poor and/or having less than a high school education is a health hazard, especially when it comes to heart health.