January 17, 2019
Treat Apnea and Look Better?
Wellness Tip

Treat Apnea and Look Better?

by Berkeley Wellness  

More motivation to act on sleep apnea if you have it: Treating it will not only improve your health and make you feel better, it will also make you look better, suggests a small study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

Researchers photographed the faces of 20 middle-aged adults with sleep apnea before and after a minimum of two months of treatment with CPAP, a machine that helps sufferers breathe better while sleeping. The images were then rated by volunteers, who judged the post-treatment faces as looking more alert, youthful and attractive overall.

Moreover, computer analysis noted reduced forehead puffiness and reduced redness on cheeks and under the eyes in the after-treatment photos. Sleep specialists have often noticed improvements in people’s appearances after CPAP treatment; this is the first study to confirm the changes.