February 25, 2018





  • Plastic Surgery for Teens
    Be Well

    Plastic Surgery for Teens

    by Keng Lam

    Can cosmetic facial surgery help give teens who have deep discomfort about their appearance? The research is slim and complicated.

  • Dealing with Depression Without Drugs

    Dealing with Depression Without Drugs

    by Paula Derrow

    Ronald Elson, MD, has been a practicing psychiatrist in Berkeley for 30 years. He is on the staff at University of California, Berkeley, University Health Services and consults with local medical groups. Here, he talks about non-prescription options for combatting mild depression.Other than talk therapy, what are the most effective non-prescription

  • A Diet for Depression

    A Diet for Depression

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Can improving your diet improve your mental state? The first controlled clinical trial on the link between diet quality and depression, dubbed SMILES, lends more support to the idea.