December 14, 2018

Healthy eating




  • Chocolate on the Brain

    Chocolate on the Brain

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The news keeps getting sweeter about dark chocolate and other cocoa products. Not only have several studies suggested that it can help lower blood pressure, but new research has found that cocoa can also aid the brain.

  • The Unhealthiest Restaurant Meals

    The Unhealthiest Restaurant Meals

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Sure, you suspect that some of the oversized breakfasts, lunches and dinners you find on the menus of chain restaurants must be bad for you. But do you know just how unhealthy these giant meals can be?

  • Hexane in Soy Food
    Ask the Experts

    Hexane in Soy Food

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Hexane is a solvent that's used—with government approval—to extract oil from soybeans. Most soy protein ingredients in foods have undergone hexane processing. Do you need to worry about hexane in soy foods?