November 14, 2018
Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes, Potatoes, and Herbs

Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes, Potatoes, and Herbs

by Berkeley Wellness  

Jerusalem artichokes, also known as sunchokes, have a nutty flavor and a creamy texture, almost like a potato. Their skin is very thin and does not need to be peeled, which is a good thing because these tubers can be very knobby.


  • ½ cup water
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
  • 1 ½ pounds Jerusalem artichokes, well scrubbed and cut into ½-inch-thick slices
  • ½ pound small white potatoes, cut into ½-inch-thick slices
  • 8 cloves garlic, unpeeled
  • ½ teaspoon rosemary, minced
  • ½ teaspoon thyme
  • ½ teaspoon salt


  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F. In a large bowl, whisk together the water, oil, and mustard until well combined. Add the Jerusalem artichokes, potatoes, garlic, rosemary, thyme, and salt. Toss well to coat.
  2. Transfer the vegetables to a roasting pan large enough to hold them in a single layer. Roast for 35 to 40 minutes, shaking the pan occasionally, until the artichokes and potatoes are tender.

Makes 4 servings.

Nutrition per serving: 190 calories, 4g total fat (1g saturated), 4g dietary fiber, 37g carbohydrate, 4g protein, 360mg sodium.

A good source of: niacin, potassium, thiamin, vitamin B6.

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