October 18, 2018
Types of Palm Oil

Types of Palm Oil

by Berkeley Wellness  

The term "palm oil" actually encompasses several types of oil derived from the palm tree, including palm oil, palm kernel oil, and fractionated palm kernel oil. Here's a quick rundown of each.

Palm oil, from the palm fruit, is about 50 percent saturated fat and fairly high in monounsaturated fats. Crude palm oil contains vitamin E, carotenoids, and other antioxidants. Refining the oil, however, reduces or eliminates these substances. (For more, see Red Palm Oil.)

Palm kernel oil, from the palm seed,is closer in composition to coconut oil than to palm oil. It is more saturated (about 80 percent), contains little monounsaturated fat, and often undergoes harsher chemical processing than palm oil.

Fractionated palm kernel oil is made by further processing palm kernel oil to remove the liquid portion, leaving behind even more saturated solids. This oil is often used in energy bars, for example, where it makes the coatings less likely to melt. It’s unknown if it is any better for you than partially hydrogenated oils.