July 22, 2014





  • The End of the Debate? Fat Chance

    The End of the Debate? Fat Chance

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Saturated Fat Is Okay After All... Butter Is Back!...Now Saturated Fat is Good for You? If you read such headlines in March about the latest study on fats and heart disease, you might have felt you were watching the movie Sleeper, in which Woody Allen wakes up after 200 years and

  • The Sunny Side of Eggs

    The Sunny Side of Eggs

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Eggs have a bad reputation because of their high cholesterol content. But dietary cholesterol has relatively little effect on blood cholesterol in most people—and recent research even suggests that eggs may provide some heart benefits.

  • Canned Beans
    Ask the Experts

    Canned Beans

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Do dried beans have more nutrition value than their canned counterparts? Our experts look at the numbers and tell you what to put in your shopping cart and why.