November 25, 2014





  • The Coconut Water Craze

    The Coconut Water Craze

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Coconut water, the thin liquid inside young green coconuts, is touted as a beneficial beverage that can replace sports drinks. Too good to be true? Find out what coconut water can—and can't—do.

  • Mediterranean Diet Best for Heart?

    Mediterranean Diet Best for Heart?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    A recent study on the Mediterranean diet was halted a year early because it seemed to definitively demonstrate the benefits of the eating plan for cardiovascular health. But was the reporting on the study a bit off the mark?

  • A Tale of Two Burgers

    A Tale of Two Burgers

    by Edward Blonz, M.S., Ph.d.

    Which is healthier: a hamburger made from 75 percent lean ground beef or one made from 95 percent extra-lean ground beef? Both sound fairly lean, but the numbers may surprise you.