August 29, 2015





  • Whole Grain Pasta Tips

    Whole Grain Pasta Tips

    by Berkeley Wellness

    One good way to get more healthful whole grains into your diet is to switch to whole-grain pasta. Here's what to look for on the label, plus tips for cooking and serving.

  • The Dish on Healthy Eating

    The Dish on Healthy Eating

    by Berkeley Wellness

    We were delighted to participate in a Twitter chat on the topic "Back to the Basics of Nutrition," hosted by HealthCentral. Special guests included food policy expert Marion Nestle and the Obesity Action Coalition. See a recap here.

  • Can Your Diet Save Your Sight?

    Can Your Diet Save Your Sight?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    There has been much interest in the role of nutrition in eye health, which has generated hundreds of studies in recent years—and many promising leads. Here, we look behind the eye-health claims made for a variety of foods and supplements.